The Uniqueness of Vishnugupta Vishwa Vidyapeetham

The idea of Gurukulams is Nation-centric; Here, education is not just a means to earn livelihood. Its aim is to protect our country and culture.

Majority of the present-day educational institutions are located amid the lure of tinsel towns.Educational institutions under VishnuGupta Vishwa Vidyapeetha are set up in a lush green ‘Shathasringa Parvath’, a hilly area near Gokarna, the sacred seat of Lord Shiva; this is also the birthplace of Lord Hanuman.

Conventional institutions today provide only new age learning; Many present day Gurukulams provide only traditional learning; there is a blend and balance of both in Vishnuguptha VishwaVidyapeetham institutions

Normally, higher educational institutions produce graduates who are alter-egos of westerners; VishwaVidyapeetham will produce patriots and warriors of virtue who have Bharatiya knowledge running in their veins, those who breathe and live Bharatiyata!

A student who studies in VVV institutions will be a Jack of All, Master of One i.e., the student will be a master in one subject of his/her choice and will have basic introductory knowledge about all other related Bharatiya knowledge streams.

Normal happening in majority of the conventional institutions – education which is not Bharatiya, does not respect nor befit Bharatiyata. Knowledge imparted in VishwaVidyapeetham will be a revival of Bharatiya art and knowledge which are extinct or nearing extinction.