Vyavastha Parishath

“Vyavastha Parishath” is a division of the administrative wing of the Vishnu Gupta VishwaVidtapeetha, which has the overall administrative responsibility of VVV-Gurukuls.

With the motto of “system for education”, this council  is designed to manage, administer and manage comprehensive governance functions.

The Council is designed to facilitate the creation of a purely seamless environment in VVV gurukulas and other institutes with the objective of generating, coordinating, managing and controlling, enriching, facilitating, protecting the premises, as well as other administrative and routine functions.

Here is a comprehensive depiction of the Vyavasta Parishad, one of the most elaborate functions of the Gurukulas, which was established as the secure pillars of Vishnugupta Vishwa Vidyapeetha, one only institute which provides ancient and modern education.

Role and responsibilities of the Vyavasta Parishath

Similar to this first description, with the motto of ‘system for education’ the council works creating and managing comprehensive governance functions. The Vyavasta Parishat bears the full responsibility of all gurukulams. The division and sub-divisions are created to handle those responsibilities and thereby manage all the functions.

  • Finance: This section is set up with a view to the financial system needed for the purpose of this objective.
  • Broadcasting: This is the section that is responsible for spreading all the ideas necessary to achieve the goal of VVV.
  • Public Security: Responsible for the internal and external security of the premises for the Gurukul
  • Bhavan Nirvahana (Building maintenance): This is the section devoted to the routine and timely need of Gurukul houses.
  • Supply and storage
  • Social Contact
  • Elite Contact
  • Land business
  • Government Relations and Compliance
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Plantations
  • Health
Honorary President Shri.D.D.Sharma
Working Committee
President Shri.Manjunatha Suvarnagade
Vice President Shri.Subraya Bhatta
Chief Secretary Shri.Shrikantha Panditha
Secretary Shri.Ganesha Joshi
Secretary-office Shri.Aruna Hegde
Secretary-collection/Finance Shri.Satisha Bhatta Karki
Finance Shri.Ganesh.J.L
Procurement Shri.Santosh Hegde
Management Shri.R.G.Bhatta

Honorary President





Shri.Manjunatha Suvarnagade

Vice President


Shri.Subraya Bhatta

Chief Secretary


Shri.Shrikantha Panditha


Ganesh Joshi

Shri.Ganesha Joshi



Shri.Arun N Hegde



Shri.Satisha Ganesh Bhatta, Karki

Finance - CFO







Shri.Santosh Hegde