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A Blend of Rishi Yuga and Nava Yuga

Gurukulams are the founding pillars of the most unique Vishnugupta VishwaVidyapeetham having the vision of preparing the aspirants with holistic education, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning all possible domains of knowledge and skills, preparing them to excel in life in all its respects; Our Gurukulams intend to create and show students of the age from 8 to 18, a clear path for educational, professional and spiritual life success.

All the efforts have been made to shape the courses and design the curriculum around what and how the students have to learn – with a wide range of courses with flexible, innovative ways to offer them. It helps aspirants discover new and appropriate competencies and a wider world, and gives them the skills they need for their life, career and fields of excellence. The programmes are designed to meet the global standards of learning rooted in Indian ethos. The courses are designed and developed by subject experts and academicians with at most care to impart both Ancient Bharatiya and Modern systems of Knowledge. The courses provide a strong platform for teaching and learning process, resources and exposure.

Students in the lab -Blend of modern and Indian cultural heritage

The Curricula at Gurukulams are a combination of ancient Indian fields of knowledge and contemporary educational systems. Ancient Indian science and arts fields like Jyothishya, Vastu, Sanskrit Literature, Classical Dance, Classical Music etc., are offered depending on the eligibility, suitability, flair and interest among the pupils. Contemporary education stands compulsory to all the students across gurukulams which is based on and recognised by Karnataka State board. 

The major objectives of Curricula at Gurukulams are:

a) To impart Indian Systems of Knowledge to mould the student into a person of great competence and character.

b) To serve the educational needs that lead to lifelong process for personal fulfillment, with different foci at different stages of the life time fostering students’ positive value, self-understanding, personal planning, goal setting and reflective ability

Institution-Based Curriculum Planning

The Gurukulams are very distinct in their own ways with respect to course design, yet maintain the same curriculum in the core subjects of contemporary education in core curriculum. The students are entitled to have the learning experiences provided in the core curriculum are homogeneous. Therefore, teachers are encouraged to adopt the core curriculum in developing their school-based curriculum to enhance student learning. Adaptation measures may include formulating the learning targets, varying the organization of contents, offering additional courses, and adopting diverse learning, teaching and assessment strategies.

Guiding principles

In planning the curriculum, Gurukulams shall observe the following guiding principles:

a) A learner-focused approach shall be used to design the curricula in the best interests of students.

b) Students shall learn how to learn, which involves developing their independent learning capabilities leading to lifelong learning and overall personality development.

c) All students have the ability to learn, though they might have their own different ways of learning. This potential has to be explored and encouraged and assessed.

d) Curriculum design and development shall be based on a continuous improvement process to help students to strive towards excellence. Gurukulam-based curriculum should be adjusted with time and with reference to the contexts of specific Gurukulam.

Learning Outcomes

It is imperative to mould the students of our Gurukulams to the heights of excellence by providing them with an accurate, effective and powerful base in learning through incremental learning methods from the foundation level to the advanced level of learning to be a successful individual in life and career.

After the successful completion of the course the student must be able to,

a) Identify the field of interest to pursue graduate and post graduate courses at Vishnugupta VishwaVidyapeetham.

b) Gain an orientation and competence in the fields of knowledge to lead a successful life.

Sarvabhouma Gurukulam

A unique educational Institution

Class Boys Girls Total
4th 10 5 15
5th 16 14 30
6th 33 15 48
7th 26 24 50
8th 28 21 49
9th 24 18 42
10th 16 10 26
11th 4 7 11
12th 18 14 32
TOTAL 175 128 303

A Temple of Wisdom that serves as an educational
centre as a prerequisite for higher education
available at Vishnugupta VishwaVidyapeetham

Provides Elementary, Secondary, and
Pre University courses for children with
an emphasis on Indian Ethos

Located in Gokarna, the only holy place
in the world where the abode of
Lord Shiva’s Atma-Linga exists; Situated very close to the
birth place of Sri Anjaneya

There are schools in India that offer the best of modern education.There are institutions that excel in the study of Vedas – Shastras.There are also great educational institutions imparting Indian wisdom with modern education.There are centers for students specializing in music, dance, painting and other fine arts.There are systems that empower students with a variety of skills.This is the only such institution that provides all at one center and even more than that. Hence, our land needs such a Unique Gurukulam even though innumerable schools are there.

Would you believe it if we say 997 branches of Saamaveda, which once had 1000 branches, have been lost and only three are surviving? Atleast what is left should be preserved for posterity. Just like Saamaveda, many more Bharatiya streams of knowledge are headed towards their doom. In preserving them for the future generations use of technology and specialized machines would prove to be very handy.

Likewise, extensive use of modern technology is imminent in the crucial research on Bharatiya streams of knowledge, arts and culture. Though VVV is a philosophical  world, it has a clear resolve on the use of contemporary technology in study and research.

The proposed institutions aims to find the lost treasures of Bharatiya knowledge streams.

Centre for research on Bharatiya Culture

VVV shall nurture in its lap a research centre of global standards to unearth the scientific basis behind the Bharatiya culture and practices.

Why is a research centre needed?

  • Research is the only way which can help us to find the lost treasures of Bharatiya knowledge streams.
  • The real significance and uses of many Bharatiya heritage knowledge forms which exist even today have been veiled by the curtain of time. It is only through research that they can be unveiled.
  • Bharatiya culture & traditions have a scientific background. Its unveiling can benefit not only Bharata but the entire world.

Keeping all these in mind, construction of a well organised and well equipped research centre is being done in the initial phase of VVV itself.

Certificate Course and Online Courses

Certification Courses and Vocational Courses for people who seek to know the essence of Bharatiya learning and arts in a short span of time.

Benefit of modern technology will be used for conducting Online Courses for those who can’t stay and learn within the VVV Campus.

The Knowledge Segment of the Proposed Institution is as follows.