Under the guidance of His Holiness Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji, four councils were formed for smooth functioning of Vishnuguptha Vishwa Vidyapeetham organization. Each council has its governing body, advisors and members. Joint committee is constructed to coordinate between the councils.

“Vidya Parishath” – Education Council

Vidya Parishath looks into the various academic matters like Curriculum Development, Teaching-learning process in the courses as well as Students’ academic matters. It also encompasses recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff, management of classes etc.

“Vyavastha Parishath” – Management Council

Vyavastha Parishath basically serves as an administrative framework providing a strong auxiliary to the unique educational infrastructure created at VVV-Gurukulams. It comprises creating and maintaining an exclusive campus with a perfect learning environment, safe and unperturbed campus and facilitates to the core in realizing the objectives of VVV.

“Nirmithi Parishath” – Infrastructure Council

Nirmithi Parishath contributes in planning and execution of construction of buildings, creating new campuses, new infrastructure based on the requirement of expansion and need at VVV-Gurukulams adhering to the building standards and environmental norms.

“Manyatha Parishath” – Recognition Council

Manyatha Parishath contributes in facilitating various processes involved in timely and accurate actions regarding Approvals, Accreditations, Recognitions, Central and State level statutory compliances to be accomplished by our Gurukulams. It involves preparation of necessary documents, government liaison etc. 

All the members of this Chatushpadi- the Four-structural pillars of Educational Administration shall strive hard in all respects to achieve the tagline Moto of VVV,  “JNANANANDAMAYEESHIKSHA” to the extent of infinity.