Gokarna Campus

Historical and auspicious location of Gokarna has 3 campuses.

  • Ashoke (Daivrata Dharitri) 
  • Matrubhumi

Ashoke, also known Daivarata Dharitri is the main campus dedicated for higher education.

This place has historical significance owing to Brhmarishi Daivaratha.

Why in Ashoke?

The holy abode where Anjaneya –
Lord Rama’s devotee par excellence, took his birth.



‘Īśānaḥsarvavidyānām’ – Ashoke is at the peak of Gokarna, where the only Ātmaliṅga of Śiva, the Lord of all learning presides. Ashoke is close to the birth place of Lord Hanuman, a master of Vedas, who received hearty appreciation for his supreme knowledge from none other than ŚrīRāma himself.

The soil which was sanctified – not once but thrice – by the holy feet of Sri Shankara Bhagavatpada during his incarnation.



ŚrīŚaṅkara, who lorded over the kingdom of knowledge, who decorated the title Sarvajña, who is the crowning glory of our rich heritage of Bhāratīya guru paramparā, not only visited Ashoke maximum times – that is, three times – he also stayed there for a full month. This definitely speaks volumes about the uncommon greatness of the soil of Ashoke. To top it all, ĀdiŚankara established RaghūttamaMaṭha– the present RamachandrāpuraMaṭha – in this very place for the protection of Dharma and propagation of knowledge! 


The place where world’s only Atmalinga has divinely established itself.



Even though Ātmaliṅga is situated close to the Gokarna beach, its eternal lamp – that is, knowledge and wisdom of vedic scholars who worshipped Ātmaliṅga, shone in the Agrahāras (dwelling places) at the peak of Śataśṛṅga mountains of Ashoke. 

Dwelling place of Brahmarshi Daivarata, Kaliyuga’s only mantradrashtaa ( one who has seen or envisioned mantras).



Ashoke was also the seat of penance and perseverance of BrahmarṣiDaivarāta, acclaimed as the modern day mantradṛṣṭa (one who saw Vedas). 


BrahmarṣiDaivarāta had envisioned the dream of establishing a vedic research center at Ashoke.With that vision in mind he had reserved required land under the name ‘Gorakṣabrahmacaryāśrama’. At this juncture, Sri Devashrava Sharma, the son of Brahmarṣi Daivarāta, has donated the land required for the project and is leading the Vishnugupta~VishwaVidyapeetha project from the front.


  • Bharathi Bhavana
  • SriVidyananda
  • Shradhamandira
  • Bodhagrama

 Administrative Block – Bharati Bhavana:

Bharati Bhavana-The nerve centre of VVV is erected in an ancient architectural style without using iron and concrete.


An Administrative Block of 1,332 Sq, Mtrs is placed in the center of campus and easily accessible through the main campus road. Construction of ‘Bharati Bhavana’ has reached the final stage. This building of ancient architectural style is dedicated to the administration of institutions. It consists of an administrative block that houses all the Officers of the institutions, examination section, general office and special corridor for display of 64 Bharatiya arts and a centre of 18 educational branches.

Vidyananda Bhavana

Students’ Block – Vidyananda Bhavana:



A multi-purpose building dedicated to the various purposes like class-rooms, amenities such as accommodation facilities, kitchen, dining hall and seminar Hall. Separate classrooms for each section of students are planned & constructed which are well- furnished & ventilated. The constructed area is 1,893 Sq, Mtrs.


This well-furnished, multi-storeyed,  multipurpose building comprising a mega kitchen, a capacious dining hall, a beautiful auditorium, different VVV related offices, rooms for VIPs .

The building which got its name from the first seer of Sri RamachandrapuraMatha, Sri Vidyananda

Matrubhumi campus is located near the main road while entering Gokarna.

There is divine presence of Mother Bhadrakali near the campus, hence the name given to the campus is “MatruBhumi”

This under construction building , when completed, will become the main campus for education upto 2nd PUC.Existing Sarvabhouma Gurukulam till PUC will be shifted here once building is finished.

This building comprises 4 floors. This  will include hostel facilities for students.

It is a well equipped campus being built for the prime gurukulams of VVV, housing PUC and preliminary education.

Matrubhoomi Hall