An Inspiration from Takshashila University

The group of institutions under Vishnugupta Vishwa Vidyapeetham is inspired by the ancient University of Takshashila, the world’s oldest formal University.

Takshashila is the town founded on the banks of river Sindhu, in the name of Taksha, the son of Bharata, as per the divine will of Sri Rama. Historically, Takshashila University is the lamp of knowledge kindled by Sri Rama. No wonder, for thousands of years, it illuminated the world. It was the nurturing ground of several ancient and rare knowledge systems. Scholars from all over the world ensued to this University to drink deep from the fountains of learning. VVV dreams to rekindle this divine torch of learning and remove the darkness which is enveloping the land of light- Bharath. After the destruction of 13 Takshashila, for over 1500 years, neither such a University came up nor even such a thought arose in the minds of the people.

So far, there is no University to bring back the traditional Bharatiya knowledge system in a structured form. The main limitation of the modern education system is that there is no initiation to traditional knowledge. Also, where there is traditional knowledge, there are no modern education facilities.


Takshashila University, which was endowed with many superior qualities, was destroyed due to relentless attacks by the outsiders.

In the past fifteen centuries, leave alone such an institution, even such a notion was not born.
The main motivation behind the establishment of Vishnugupta Vishwa Vidyapeetham is the reclaiming the lost Takshashila, in our country during our life time.
This is the reason why VVV is named after Chanakya, the greatest guru of Takshashila.