Core Values

Core Values

Ethics and Moral Values

The very system of education in the Gurukulams lies on a strong foundation of ‘Good Ethics & Moral Values’. Such a high standard of ethical and moral values makes every person in the Gurukulams worth a human being, and a responsible citizen of our motherland. Within the Gurukulams, Varishtacharya, all the concerned Faculty and staff are responsible to achieve the vision of the VVV by working together as a cohesive group.

Selfless Service

Gurukulams are committed to deliver altruistic service to the society by and large. This includes taking care of social wellbeing of the people not only in and around the Gurukulams but also of ( concerned ) all the people at large.

Sharing and Caring

Gurukulams are committed to share and care for one another, be it within the Gurukulams or outside the Gurukulams. Within the Gurukulams, the Varishtaacharya, the Principal, the Faculty and the Mentors share their valuable experiences with the younger generation & take care of them. Outside the boundaries of the Gurukulams also, under their proper care, the students carry out a number of activities which show their concern for the society and the nature.

Quality Policy

Gurukulams deliver quality in all the aspects of the education, be it in providing good infrastructure or in the matter of the appropriate methods of Teaching and Learning. Quality is not compromised at any cost to deliver the’ Best ‘ in academics, and in all other related activities. Further, this equally applies to providing co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the best quality, ensuring all-round development of the personality of the students in the Gurukulams. Such Quality Policies in the Gurukulams in the above stated areas, certainly enable the students to have an assured bright future, in their personal as well as in professional life, that too as better citizens of our mother Bharath.



Gurukulams are committed to build Discipline among their entire student community, as well as, among all others concerned with the Gurukulams. This helps the students to be focused, stay healthy, and also to avoid problems.





Gurukulams take responsibility for the timely development and growth, in the right direction, for the benefit of the students in particular & also for all others concerned. They continuously evaluate and improve their goals, objectives, systems & policies in the best interest of their student community. All such alterations are clearly defined and well-articulated, & also communicated in time to all concerned.

Value education

“A person should not only live for himself but strive for the good of society. It is the fulfillment of life. The education and schools or curricula we provide for it must create a supportive environment. Only then a student can develop himself, also the world”.

      SriSri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swami

The purpose of the Gurukulam is to provide value to education along with modern education, preserve and nurture Indian culture, enhance the emotional, spiritual and mental well-being of the students and make them better citizens of society. Against this backdrop, the subject of Vidyapeeth is devoted to study.

The Indian culture is ancient and ever new. This culture has been the mainstay of life values. Value is the quality, virtue, and spirit that carry the organism to the root of life. These qualities are essential qualities for life.

Shruti, Smruthi, purana, history, poetry, is the foundation of this culture. It is at this base that the sages, tapaswi (one who mediates), and saints carry life. Their life shows that how can they live their lives, socially, physically and mentally. For this reason, they are an example to the world.

In the text, there are various ways to introduce values by story, subhashita (eulogy), Sloka (hymn), yoga introduction, early introduction of Indian food system, and related qualities.

The story is simple, charming, lively and attractive. A tool for sowing value. The stories in the great texts such as the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Bhagavatam introduce qualities very easily. Many of the great moments in the life of these men tell the value of life. They tell about “”how to be-how not to be”. And introduce the truth to the heart. Build a healthy life. ‘Subhashita’ summarizes the experience of life in short. Related slokas effectively introduce qualities. Education of these values ​​is essential to making our lives as a wholly beautiful. These should be given to the children. They should see tomorrow’s world in the light. Life must be realized.