Environment Sustainability

Green Design Campus Planning

The design, construction, operation, maintenance of present day buildings normally requires enormous amounts of energy, water and raw materials; generating large quantities of waste causing air and water pollution; whereas green buildings are the only answer through creating healthier and more resource efficient models of construction, renovation , operation and maintenance.

Green campus planning and sustainable buildings are considered a modern trend in architectural thinking which manipulates the relationship between the building and the environment. So it’s very important for an institution to implement specific strategies in order to decrease energy consumption especially in this type of building, by using renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy and other sources which contribute to electric energy rationalization

The institution has initiated Project ‘Salila’, to facilitate Rain water Harvesting.

Green Campus

Also, the sewage treatment plant is proposed to recycle the waste to be reused for greenery development in the campus. Hence, care is taken to build the facilities with local available materials, use solar energy for power and reuse the processed waste manure for vegetation to blend the VishwaVidyapeetham buildings with the surroundings.

Gou Vishwa – Gou shala with 100 cows

Gouvishwa ~ A universe of Desi Cows inside VVV

A Goushala which can shelter 100 milking cows, 100 calves and 10 bulls has come up with a rare swastik architecture inside the campus aimed at:

  • providing desi cow (A2) milk for the teachers, students and servants along with everyone in the campus
  • providing the students with opportunities to serve cows and live in her vicinity.
  • Use pure organic fertilizer for plants within campus

Sasyashyamalam Matharam

Sasyashyamalam Matharam



Unlike usually seen of western looking plant species found in campuses, campus of VVV provides a soothing look of rich Bharatiyata with over five thousand medicinal plants of indigenous origin adding beauty to the campus and knowledge for the students.

Water Sources

  • Rich water sources like ponds, wells and bore wells are already constructed to meet the daily needs of water for the entire campus.
  • Sources of water in various shapes and sizes, including full moon, halfmoon, triangular, quadraangular water bodies are being built.
  • Mammoth effort has been put in rain water harvesting to ensure that every drop of rain water falling on the soil of VVV enters the womb of mother earth and results in an unending source of water to the campus.

Here are some pictures of students of Gurukulams who were involved in the activity of “Gardening”.

By the way, this activity had 2 purposes:

1) Teaching the “Gardening” to students

2) Making the campus more greener