Vishnugupta VishwaVidyapeetham (VVV) is a unit of Dharmachakra Trust ®

Even after 75 years of independence we are following the system of education devised by Macaulay. Countless are the Bharatiya streams of knowledge that have vanished completely due to lost identity of the sons of the soil.

Many knowledge streams have been enfeebled and exist only partially. Rest of them have lost their original forms. Lack of an efficient system of education and hostile environment is the root cause for this problem. There is no place in Bharat to study many Bharatiya knowledge streams! Few are taught, but not in entirety. Authentic and original texts are not studied in many cases; instead, their adaptations and modifications are studied. 

Bharatiya fields of knowledge are complete when they are studied together, not in isolation; but the facility to learn them together under one roof is not available anywhere. Bharatiya culture and civilization, knowledge and art forms have a scientific foundation; but their systematic and in-depth research is not undertaken.

Present day scholars of shastras are not well-versed with modern day language, technology and science. Current system of education is not instilling knowledge and pride about Bharatiyata in modern day graduates. 

Todays institutions impart education, but they don‘t have plans to instil allegiance. Learned people sans loyalty may not just be deadwoods, they may also become onerous and problematic!

Answer to all these worries haunting Bharata for centuries is in the rise of
Vishnugupta VishwaVidyapeetham (VVV)

To preserve Bharatiya knowledge, art, culture, traditions and to instill devotion to God and Guru, patriotism, self-reliance, self-defence and traditions-culture in future generations. Good citizens are thus developed for the society.

There is education in present-day Bharata, but there is no Bharata in present-day education!

If there is no Bharata in education, our nation would not remain as Bharata in the future! Our children will not remain as Bharatiyas! Vishnugupta VishwaVidyapeetham is rising as the solution to these worries. Vishnugupta VishwaVidyapeetham aims to provide education from nursery to Ph.D.

Sarvabhouma Gurukulam and Rajarajeshwari Gurukulam are already functioning as precursors to it.

As provided in the New National Education Policy

Vishnugupta VishwaVidyapeetham aims to be an example in implementing such positive aspects of the new national education policy.

Frontiers of the vast educational
kingdom of VVV are spread from
nursery till doctoral studies.

Facility of scholarships is
available for the needy

Process to obtain recognition from
the statutory bodies for proposed institutions are underway.

SriSamsthana Gokarna – Sri RamachandrapuraMatha,
which has a glorious past of a millennium is behind the establishment
of VVV, which has a glorious future of a millennium

Eighteen communities are disciples of this Adi Shankara Peetham,
which has the glory of having one and only unbroken lineage of
pontiffs starting from Shankaracharya to present pontiff

Gokarna Mandala the geographical jurisdiction of SriMatha as
assigned by Shankaracharya, extends from the Mandavi River
in Goa to the Chandragiri River in Kerala

SriMatha has the reputation of guiding generations of
many kingdoms

SriMatha has been doing immense work to protect the Bharatiya breeds of cows.

Vishwa Gou Sammelana – The World Cow Conference, whichis the first of its kind involving the participation of over 20 lakh devotees of Goumatha from 11 different countries.

Vishwamangala Gougrama Yatra, a nationwide campaign where 8.5 crores of countrymen signed urging complete ban on cow slaughter.

GouSwarga – a fearless fortress for a thousand cows, built in just 80 days, is the first and only paradise of cows.

Mahanandi Gouloka – the only home for cows in the world, which has the reputation of being home to as many as 32 indigenous cow breeds.

Added to the exemplary services to goumata, SriMatha also renders a unique service in the field of education.

In addition to offering primary, secondary, pre-university and undergraduate courses to eligible students through many institutions run by it, SriMatha has awarded scholarships amounting to many crores to the needy students.

How much of this grand plan has been realized so far?

Vast area of land around Shatashringa mountains of Gokarna is reserved for this epoch-making mega project.

4 campuses are already functioning


Daivarata Dharitri

Pranankura Prangana

Moorur Campus At Moorur

Process to procure vast lands is underway to house many such campuses which will come up in time.

Gurukulams – Scaled down VVV

Sarvabhouma Gurukulam and Rajarajeshwari Gurukulam have completed the first academic year setting foundations to VVV. While the VVV provides degree and other advanced courses, the Gurukulams teach the pre-university and primary courses.

Sri Mallikarjuna Temple

Re-construction of Lord Mallikarjuna
shrine, that had attracted Sri
Shankaracharya thrice to its premises,
is completed with a unique design
signifying the universe, at a cost of
about rupees 3.5 crore.

Bharati Bhavana

The nerve centre of VVV is erected
in an ancient architectural style
without using iron and concrete.
Construction of this masterpiece with
an expenditure of rupees 8 crores
has been completed.

Sri Vidyananda

This well-furnished, multi-storeyed,  multipurpose
building comprising a mega kitchen, a capacious
dining hall, a beautiful auditorium, different VVV
related offices, rooms for VIPs has been built with
the construction cost of rupees 3 crores. The
building which got its name from the first seer of
Sri RamachandrapuraMatha, Sri Vidyananda is
being used effectively.


The required number of Kuteerams
have already been built. Listening
to the lessons and discourses
conducted in these open to nature
Kuteerams has certainly been a
novel experience to the students
and have brought a positive
transformation in their lives.


Twenty four houses are under construction
for sheltering teachers of VVV at an
estimated building cost of about rupees
two and a half crores.

Seva Soudha

Residence for the
Chancellor of VVV/Pontiff
of Sri RamachandrapuraMatha is under


It is a well equipped
campus being built for
the prime gurukulams of
VVV, housing PUC and
preliminary education.

Gouvishwa ~ A universe
of Desi Cows inside VVV

A Goushala which can shelter 100
milking cows, 100 calves and 10 bulls
has come up with a rare swastik
architecture inside the campus
aimed at:
• providing desi cow (A2) milk
for the teachers, students and
servants along with everyone
in the campus
• providing the students with
opportunities to serve cows
and live in her vicinity.


Unlike usual seen of western looking
plant species found in university
campusus, campus of VVV provides
a soothing look of rich Bharatiyata
with over five thousand medicinal
plants of indigenous origin adding
beauty to the campus and
knowledge for the students.

Murur Campus

Located in Kumta Taluk, this campus is in the
beautiful environment of Murur-Kallabbe. More
than 700 students are studying here under 38
faculties. It is attracting students from the
surrounding areas by providing quality education
based on the Bharatiya culture. Yakshagana,
music, bharatanatyam, tabla, Sanskrit and much
more are taught here a long with contemporary
education. Plans are afoot to add many more
traditional courses in the near future.

Furniture reminiscent
of heritage

Instead of desk-benches, traditional
furnishings reminiscent of ancient
Gurukulams are provided for
teachers and students.

Pathways on the path
of progress

Computer and Science Laboratories
have already been created at a cost
rupees one crore for Gurukulams as
part of the VVV’s vision to combine
science with knowledge. Motorable roads and bridges have
been constructed to facilitate easy
access between different centres
within the vast VVV campus.
Campus of VVV consists of an
open-air auditorium and spacious
grounds suited for holding games,
yakshagana and public meetings.


Computer and Science Laboratories
have already been created at a cost
rupees one crore for Gurukulams as
part of the VVV’s vision to combine
science with knowledge.

Water Sources

  • Rich water sources like ponds, wells and bore wells are already constructed to meet the daily needs of water for the entire campus.
  • Sources of water in various shapes and sizes, including full moon, halfmoon, triangular, quadraangular water bodies are being built.
  • Mammoth effort has been put in rain water harvesting to ensure that every drop of rain water falling on the soil of VVV enters the womb of mother earth and results in an un ending source of water to the campus.

Smart tools to serve knowledge

Smart classrooms have already been set up to enable the availability of best of the teachers of the country to the students of Gurukulams.

Achievement is not limited, but aim is limitless...

Total sum already expended for the mega project VVV in the form of land,
building and other amenities is about 100 crore rupees! Achievement is not
limited, but aim is limitless…

But, the amount of work that is
pending to be done is enormous, the way forward is a long trek, the height
to be scaled is Himalayan peak!

Onward path needs solid support
from the patriotic and philanthropic people of Bharat.

  • Teaching and exposure to the 64 Bharatiya Arts and 18 Bharatiya knowledge streams along with the quality modern education.
  • The students will reside and learn in the 4 campuses of Vishnugupta VishwaVidyapeetham which are being built with an outlay of more than Rs. 100 crores.
  • His Holiness of Sri RamachandrapuraMatha will be personally teaching Sri Ramayana and biographies of great personalities. This will aid in imbibing essential values of life.
  • Children will learn Yoga, Ayurveda, Vastu, Jyoutisha, Music, Dance, Art, Traditional culinary along with self defensive & Martial arts like Horse riding, swimming, Kalaripayattu and Mallayudha.
  • To help students learn and gain fluency in Kannada, Samskritha, Hindi and English languages.
  • Systematic Celebration of traditional Bharatiya festivals and holy days.
  • High Quality Contemporary Education taught by expert educators.
  • To introduce and teach all Bharatiya knowledge & art forms under the mentorship of able Acharyas.
  • Use of latest technologies in Education; Use of Smart Class and Other modern educational tools.
  • Online and Offline classes for competitive exams like CET/JEE/NEET/CA/CS by proficient tools.
  • Virtual and face to face lectures/speeches by subject experts from across the country on traditional and contemporary subjects.
  • Equal Opportunities for yoga, meditation, bhajans and games/sports.
  • Lessons will be conducted in traditional cottages nestled in nature.
  • Reasonable fees which a middle-class citizen can afford; if that is not affordable, scholarships are available

Geographical significance of VVV

Western Ghats on one side, Western Coast on the other, Shatashringa mountains studded in the middle – this forms the nature’s lap for VVV.

The place where world’s only Atmalinga has divinely established itself.

The soil which was sanctified – not once but thrice – by the holy feet of Sri Shankara Bhagavatpada during his incarnation.

Dwelling place of Brahmarshi Daivarata, Kaliyuga’s only mantradrashtaa ( one who has seen or envisioned mantras).

The spiritual center of yore known in history and scriptures as the Kashi of South, Sri Kshetra Gokarna.

The spiritual center of yore known in history and scriptures as the Kashi of South, Sri Kshetra Gokarna.

The holy abode where Anjaneya – Lord Rama’s devotee par excellence, took his birth.