A Deemed to be University under De-Novo Category

Bharathiya disciplinary formations include fields as diverse as philosophy, architecture, grammar, mathematics, astronomy, metrics, sociology, economy and polity, ethics, geography, logic, military science, weaponry, agriculture, mining, trade and commerce, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, medicine, poetics, biology and veterinary science. In each of these a continuous and cumulative series of texts continues to be available in spite of widespread loss and historically recorded destruction by foreign invaders.

The Uniqueness of Paramparaa

  • The ideation of Paramparaa is Nation-centric; Here, education is not just a means to earn livelihood. Its aim is to protect our country and culture.
  • Majority of the present-day Universities are located amid the lure of tinsel towns. Paramparaa is set up in a lush green ‘ShathasringaParvath’, a hilly area near Gokarna, the sacred seat of Lord Shiva; this is also the birthplace of Lord Hanuman.
  • Conventional Universities today provide only new age learning; Many present day Gurukulams provide only traditional learning; there is a blend and balance of both at Paramparaa.
  • Normally, Universities produce graduates who are alter-egos of westerners; Paramparaa will produce patriots and warriors of virtue who have Bharathiya knowledge running in their veins, those who breathe and live Bharathiyata!
  • A student who studies in Paramparaa will be a Jack of All, Master of One i.e., the student will be a master in one subject of his/her choice and will have basic introductory knowledge about all other related Bharathiya knowledge streams.
  • Normal happening in majority of the conventional Universities – education which is not Bharathiya, does not respect nor befit Bharathiyata. Knowledge imparted in Paramparaa will be a revival of Bharathiya art and knowledge which are extinct or nearing extinction.

Courses offered ( First Year)

Sl. No. School of Studies Department Programme Name: for UG and PG
1 Vidya~ Bharatha Jnana~ Shree BA (Bharathiya Administrative System)
2 Vidya~ Bharatha Vijnana~ Shree B.Sc. (Bharathiya Vaastu Shilpa)
3 Kala~ Bharatha Margeeya~ Kala BPA (Nrithya~Yoga)
4 Abhinava~ Bharatha Arts and Science B.Sc.( Shouchanika~Vishleshah)
5 Abhinava~ Bharatha Arts and Science B.Sc.(BharathiyaManahshastra)
6 Abhinava~ Bharatha Commerce and Management B.Com. (Swa~Nirbhara)
7 Vidya~ Bharatha Jnana~ Shree MA (Bharathiya Administrative System)
8 Vidya~ Bharatha Vijnana~ Shree M.Sc. (AI and ML Applications to Architecture)
9 Kala~ Bharatha Margeeya~ Kala MPA (Nrithya~Yoga)
10 Abhinava~ Bharatha Arts and Science M.Sc. (BharathiyaManahshastra)
11 Abhinava~ Bharatha Arts and Science MA (Ethical Journalism)
12 Abhinava~ Bharatha Commerce and Management M.Com. (Swa~Nirbhara)

Mandatory Disclosure

sl# document name Document description
1  Paramparaa-DPR Paramparaa – Detailed Project Report