Vidushi. Smt. Rohini Subbaratnam

Rohini Subbarathnam’s melody, brilliance of notations, beauty of presentation and expert teaching have made her a distinguished Gum from past 30 years and Great known vocalist in All India Radio. 

Her flair of notating music to kritis is exceptional and alluring. Aside from notating, she has also created lyrics for her husband’s many compositions in Kannada and Telugu. She has thoroughly trained many of her students for studio recordings, releasing some of the most treasured cassettes and CDs of our time. 

She is also involved in the running of Hindu temples which were previously administered by the Kanchana family. She has donated lands to educational and religious institutes. She has been teaching music with no financial expectations but with the soul cause of spreading and living music. She has designed and organized several constructive music projects touching various aspects of human life and values. Her speeches, lectures and demonstrations are illustrious. Rohini Subbarathnam is the current secretary of Kanchana Slime Lakshminamyana Music Academy Trust®.