Eshwar Bhat Harakere

Dr. Eshwar Bhat Harakere

L.L.M., PhD, L.L.B.

He is serving as the Vice-Chancellor of Karnataka State Law University, Hubli. Earlier he served as  Vice-Chancellor of National Institute of Juridical Science, Kolkata (West Bengal), Professor of Law in Mysore University. He is an excellent scholar in constitutional law, he has been awarded scholarships from many internationally reputed institutions for his research. He has a vast experience of 40 years in the field of education.He has glory of prominently serving in subjects related to Law Jurisprudence in many universities. He has been a visiting professor and lecturer in many foreign universities. He is expert in various topics, he has excelled in presenting papers on more than 15 research topics. He has been a part of 16 international seminars and holds an experience of research in many subjects. He was involved in the drafting of ‘Karnataka Primary Education Bill’ and ‘Karnataka Hindu Endowments Bill’.*Member of Indian Law Institute, Delhi and International Society for Third Sector Research, Baltimore. He has  authored and published a number of books, written 125+ columns, also has editorial experience and guided several students pursuing PhD.