Dr. Sharada Jayagovinda

Dr. Sharada Jayagovinda, MA English, Ph.D

She has vast teaching experience in English for 32 years across multiple educational institutions. She has completed her MA from Chennai university and later Ph.D from Bangalore University. She has been an acclaimed resource person in several UGC sponsored  national and state seminars. She is NIMHANS trained student counselor. She was also a member of textbook committees and examination boards in Bangalore University. Being an author she has published several books.  ‘Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharati Swamiji- A Pictorial Life Sketch’, ‘A Saga of Satguru Jagajit Singh ji’, ‘A Titan Among Men’ to name a few. 


 Address  : 260, 2 B main, I phase Girinagar, Bangalore -85. 

Telephone No: 8971338414  Mail Id- sharadajayagovind@gmail.com