Badekkila Shreedhara Bhat

Dr. Badekkila Shreedhara Bhat

Puttur is home to many poets, literature, critics and scientists. Sridhar Bhattara was born in 1949 at the prestigious Badekkila House of Puttur. Shri Bhatt completed his Masters Degree in Chemistry at Mysore (1970) and his Ph.D. Degree in 1984 from the prestigious Udaipur University. His dissertation was “Some Studies with Organic Ion Exchangers”.

Dr Bhatt joined the Vivekananda College in Puttur in 1970 and has been a Principal in the last four years of his tenure. Vivekananda College has been honored with UGC’s first ever NAC Certificate of Honor.

For Dr. Sridhar Bhatt, retirement was just a government system. Dr. Bhatt served Ujire’s SDM, who has been actively engaged in knowledge dissemination since his retirement.Reading and writing after 2015 is the main interest of his life.


If chemistry is a part of his life, there are many hobbies. His life and career were part of his youth, along with reading, science, spirituality, music, agriculture, environment and animal husbandry in Kannada and English.

Leading on the path of sustained achievement, he has given readers a glimpse of the life of scientists in the “”Taranga” Kannada weekly magazine. For more than fifty weeks, there have been special lectures called “Vijnana Vismaya” (Awesome Science) on Radio “Panchajanya”, Puttur.

His book, “Vijnana Patha” (The Science Path), which debuted in 2019, has been published in two parts. His book “Badekkila Vanshavali” (Baddekkila Genealogy), written in 2020, complements his research interests. The book is a testament to his temperament in non-science. His book of 2021 “Saranga ninna nenapinalle..!” (Saranga is in your memory ..!)’ He claims to be the pages of his memoir. His book is due for release in 2022.

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